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Automatics and control systems

We offer control system of furnace and foreheraths consisting of following subsystems:

- automatic regulation of gas flow,
- automatic regulation of gas-air ratio,
- automatic regulation of tank pressure,
- automatic regulation of metal level,
- automatic control of firing reversion for end-fired furnaces and cross-fired furnace,
- signaling of emergency and alarm states,
- measurement and recording of all tank exploatation parameters.
Depending on the customer’s preferences we use the SIEMENS or ALLEN BRADLEY’s controllers in our automatics systems. We also offer the modern system software designed for glass furnaces.

In gas-air regulation system we offer the system based on continuous measurement of gas flow parameters and the regulation of air flow in order to keeping of specified gas-air ratio. Gas-air ratio is determined by continuous measurement of O2 in waste gas.

To measure of metal level we use the laser meters with measuring accuracy of +/- 0,3 mm. If greater accuracy is needed we use the TSM’s meter of level with measuring accuracy of +/- 0,1 mm.

Examples of our projects

End-fired furnace to container glass – 150t/24h

Electrode furnace to borosilicate glass – 38t/24 h

Electrode furnace to cosmetic container glass – 36t/24h

Oxygen – fired furnace to solar glass – 300t/24h

We perform:

glass furnaces and forehearths

batch houses and steel structures

gas-air, oil-air, gas-oxygen firing systems

flue gases extract systems, pressure dampers

cooling systems of tank and throat

automatic and control and systems

electric boost and bubbling systems

batch towers, batch chargers, reversal dampers and recuperators